What Programs Can Help With Weight Loss Management?

Did you know that obesity could cut as much as twenty years off your beautiful life? Indeed, it is a bit petrifying. Can you still handle this? Then continue reading. Below are 5 things you wish you knew before you eat too much carbs. Nevertheless, it is not too late to start and make a significant change.

  1. Cancer Risk. Cancer is one of the illnesses people are afraid of. According to a Houston-based study, overweight women are prone to endometrial and breast cancer. Body fat yields a hormone called estrogen, which is linked to this two type of cancer.
  2. Dementia risk. The larger your belly, the higher the risk of developing dementia. If you want to stay sharp for life, then start a healthy lifestyle and start shedding some fats!
  3. Cardiovascular risks. Overweight individuals tend to suffer from heart attack and are prone to high cholesterol and diabetes. If you love your heart, take good care of your heart.

So, what is the point of this? Simple. Dalewood Clinic, DaleWood Health Clinic want you to understand that being overweight/obese is a serious concern and you should find ways to bring your body back to its normal BMI.


What Programs Do They Offer?

Personalized Nutritional Program

DaleWood Health Clinic offers tailored plans specially designed to address weight loss goals once you’ve completed their Gene test, Metabolic test and Health Assessment. Whether your goal is to effectively get back the confidence that once you’ve lost or want to specifically acquire endurance, strength, and precision in your daily activities, they got you covered.

Additionally, they also provide comprehensive Nutritional Report, which contains:

  • Your detailed diet analysis
  • Foods you have to eat to achieve your weight loss goal
  • When to eat these foods
  • Weight problems you’ll encounters from your food choices
  • How to prepare a customized balanced meal plan according on your lifestyle
  • Assessment of the current prescription drug or OTC drug you’ve been taking and their reaction with these foods

Effective Approach To Weight Loss

Living voluminously does nothing good. This often crashes your self-confidence. You perhaps have already experienced walking down the street with eyes staring at your belly and whatsoever. Embarrassment is always around the corner.

Positive thinker may perhaps argue that those instances should just be ignored and live a happy life. Like why on earth should you ignore the reality? Perhaps, you are sure aware of the health consequences of becoming overweight! An overweight person is prone to chronic diseases such as cancer. If you do love yourself, then try to take good care of it.

With DaleWood Health Clinic they can properly guide you through their advanced medical technology and research approach. In fact, they boast their top-notch and science-based method focuses more on weight management than weight loss.

They already help lots of clients maintain their weight for quite some time. Their team consists of health practitioners, registered dietitians and physicians who are ready to help succeed with your goals.

In-Person Testing And Health Assessment

Staying committed to achieve your dream body is just half of the battle. You need to undergo first testing and health evaluation before you can determine the right solution suited for your body. At Dale

At Dalewood Clinic, DaleWood Health Clinic, they do implement in-person testing and health assessment. One of their Health Care Professional will conduct an initial evaluation, be it in your home or on their clinic.

Fitness and Exercise Prescriptions

Shedding extra pound is easier said than done. You want to lose weight for long but most of the time, due to whatever reason it may be, it seems that all those extra pounds keep coming back. Do that fats love you that much? You should make those extra fats hate you or vice versa. And that is exactly what fitness and exercise prescriptions from this clinic will do.

They will provide you customized exercise videos and guide you’ll surely enjoy.

Tired seeing mediocre results? Don’t get despair! If you’re fed up using ineffective weight loss products, now is the best time to consider entrusting your wellbeing to Dalewood Clinic, DaleWood Health Clinic!